The Chilean Malbec’s Tour is consolidated by the ancient vineyards located in San Rosendo in Bio Bio-Laja Valley, Colchagua, and Maule


A few weeks ago, a correspondent of CGTN America (Chinese Global Television Network) traveled to San Rosendo to see for himself the work that Chilean wine producers are doing in the rural areas. Near to the Laja and Bio-Bio rivers, they are saving ancient Malbec’s vineyards due to its growing international reputation.

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In the report, Cristian Rozas of Viña San Roke winery highlights the growth that the local winery has had due to a wide range of wines produced with their grapes. The latter has laid the foundations for an interesting potential that might facilitate the sale of more than 20,000 bottles. Although there is nothing definite yet, they have their sights set on China and hoping to grow in the coming years. All that let to do is to achieve a few goals in a market that is constantly increasing.

In the report, Chile not only stands out for leading a unique strategy in the world based on reviving the old vineyards brought by the Spanish conquerors, but also for retaking wine-making techniques used more than 150 years ago; besides, the important economic reactivation in these rural sectors.

In addition to the television report, the global business and news site highlighted Chile as one of the seven global wine trends. In its article «Seven ways wine will change 2019» refers the rediscovery of old vineyards that are spread throughout the country, which could lead to the reactivation of new wine-producing areas due to the adaptation to climate change, a strategy that has been promoted in particular by the agronomist Maximiliano Morales.


These international media reports have increased wine tourism in the Bio Bio area, most notably in San Rosendo. In this aspect, it is worth mentioning that—for the past two years, has been working on both the creation and the promotion of the “Chilean Malbec Tour».

This interesting adventure includes visiting the different Malbec vineyards located in the areas of Peñaflor and Turquia, very close to Laja, integrating other ancient vineyards in the area of Colchagua, Maule, and Maipo.

These are tours for small groups of visitors lasting from 2 to 10 days. The person in charge of guiding this adventure is the Agronomist Engineer, Maximiliano Morales, Founder of the website, and former Wine Specialist of the National Geographic Explorer Expedition Ship Cruise, and previously, Endeavour with more than 18 years of trajectory in the organization of more than 150 events (tastings, launches, eight versions of the wine show, among others).

For those who are interested in learning more about this wine exploration, please follow the adventures on social networks through the hashtag #ChileWineExploration on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: @andeswines

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