Pisco technical route is launched in Elqui and Limari Valley


After more than 17 years of its creation, now in 2019 the business accelerator AgroWineLab will re launch the Pisco route in Elqui Valley and Limari, a highly specialized tour and within prospective markets oriented to experts and distillates lovers who are willing to know the secrets in the work field and the distillation technique, which was created in 2001 as a touristic initiative back in that time by the Agricultural Engineer, Maximiliano Morales.

The main objective is to attract small investors who are interested on creating their own pisco brands, due to the availability of raw materials, grapes for pisco and distillers interest on creating new pisco brands to be exported. There has been high interest shown by foreigner consumers, also the specialized press wants to know more about the small productions of Pisco.

In this way AgroWineLab will make professional the investment match process, after they have explored the interest among investors who visit Chile in luxury cruises, like Silver Cloud, where Maximiliano Morales was invited as Wine & Spirits Specialist. Also, several Chilean Families that most of them already have a vineyard or want to create a new business area.

The Pisco Route’s objective is to visit family vineyards to know the distillers and vintners of remarkable tradition that are producing pisco historically in Alcohuaz, Pisco Elqui, Monte Patria, among other areas of the National Pisco Terroir, a product that because of its great quality, most of it is consumed in Chile in the main cities through wine & liquor stores, also it is bought directly in the plants by tourists and visitors at high prices.

“In the Pisco Technical Route the visitors will be able to know details about the management of historical vineyards, which in most of the cases, where established within the Spaniards arrival, who got adapted and established in many areas of the inner vineyards to catch the great sun radiation and crystal clear water from the rivers that descend from the Andes. We are going to meet the distillers and owners of the wineries, share with them and their families in some cases” emphasizes Maximiliano Morales.

This initiative is part of the Old Vineyards Rescue Plan that the business accelerator AgroWine Lab has been promoting since a few years, in coordination with the Agricultural Engineer, Maximiliano Morales, who was previously working as a strategic consultant in wines for CORFO, to later become the Manager of Nodo Estratégico Chile Vitivinicola 2.0, that had as action field, between the regions Maule and Aysén.

Tour coordination, contact andes@andeswines.com


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