Tourism App supported by Start-Up Chile, NatureTrip, will attract tourists outdoors generating a new global community


The tourist potential of Chile is unique, the diversity of climates and geography that it has from north to south, and from the coast to the Andes mountains, make it an unparalleled attraction in the world, which led our country to be recognized with three consecutive prizes for being the best Outdoor destination to visit. In 2018 alone, 6.5 million people from all over the world visited Chile, whether for business or pleasure, leaving 5.4 millions of dollars.

In this challenge to professionalize tourism activity and with the aim of supporting tourism providers and services to attract more visitors, a Chilean entrepreneur, María José Fernández – a nature lover – created Naturetrip a platform that allows you to search, make reservations and pay for different outdoor experiences online.

Thanks to the support of The «S» Factory 2018 of Startup Chile, the idea was accelerated and an attractive product was achieved with technological development that solves part of the problem that was detected. Sebastián Alvear joined the team of Naturetrip, who is a designer specializing in game design, which expanded the action range of the app.

Thanks to the workshops and contacts that StartUp Chile delivers to its entrepreneurs, they were able to improve the reach of information, and see how many people are trying to solve different problems with innovation, understanding how platforms such as Airbnb, Tripadvisor, Trivago and, which solve part of the problem, but still leave a space that has not been worked, which is to create a community that inspires others to live, discover and share their experiences, especially outdoors.

The initial results of the investigation showed that the ease of searching, booking and paying online today is a «must» for this type of service, which does not add value to the proposal, the focus had to be changed. This is how the concept pivoted to a platform that focuses on the experiences of people, and that they are the ones who tell us what they lived, discovered, digitally marked, and so, share it with others.

With this information it is possible to connect companies and tour guides with users through the platform, specifying the service through scheduling and payment. All this in an environment that allows travelers to become influencers, which are called «Explorers»; These will be eligible for prizes and recognition through the gamified platform that is being worked on thanks to the experience of Sebastián Alvear.

The Naturetrip team, on the path of the pivoting of the business model, realized that they should include the cities and towns in rural and extreme areas of the country, and in this way, they will contribute to change the way of traveling in the world, bringing other experiences and places for global tourists, allowing users to follow the indications of other travelers and complement each other.

Thanks to this closeness with the user and influencer outdoor, brands can support travelers and explorers to have more and better outdoor experiences in Chile and the world.

Those interested in living the experience, can visit and can discover places and share their life outdoors.








Live, Discover and Share.


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