Interview: John Bartlett, english writer


Let´s meet John Bartlett, english writer that covers stories for several global media and leads ( @MiradasPod )

Tell us more about how did you start writing

I ended up working as an analyst of Latin American politics and economics having studied the region at university. Chile was never a particular focus during my studies, but I feel like I’ve learned relatively quickly and read widely about the country and its history.

¿How did you end up living in Chile? Did you have a connection before arriving here, or just work?

I came here for an internship in January last year, and after going backwards and forwards between Chile and the UK, I decided to commit to writing and reporting full time at the start of 2019. I’ve really enjoyed it, and I think with people looking closely at Chile as the COP25 summit approaches, it’s an interesting time to be based here.

¿Which media have you worked with that brought you down here?

Most of what I have written about Chile has been for the Guardian and BBC, although I have started writing a few more historical and feature pieces which I really enjoy. As I have travelled around the country I have been lucky to meet some wonderful people – from Antofagasta to Aysén – and everywhere I go I hear so many incredible stories.

¿Have you visited the wine country? What do you like about wine, any particular wine you like?

I’ve been down to the wine region twice, but I’ve never stayed for long. I’d love to go for a harvest to photograph the processes involved and try some wines. I don’t drink a lot of wine, but I enjoy Chilean Carménère – and I think that even the cheaper wines you can buy in supermarkets here are very drinkable – although perhaps that’s not a very refined opinion to hold!

¿We know you like Easter Island, why is it so mysterious for you? ¿Have you visited recently?

I think it’s somewhere that held an incredible allure for me, and that feeling only grew when I got the chance to visit in June. There’s so much more to Rapa Nui than the moai – the island has an incredibly rich and sad history, and I think that distilling the achievements of the Rapanui down to carving stone statues – which are undoubtedly impressive – overlooks the fact that they found and thrived upon an island with limited resources in extreme isolation.

¿What do you think about English wine?

I’ve heard of it! I don’t think it has a great reputation and I haven’t tried much of it, but perhaps it’s ok? I guess it can only improve.

¿What is attractive about Chile for an English writer?

It’s an incredibly beautiful country. The more I have seen of Chile, the more I want to keep exploring. I can’t think of anywhere else with the variety of climates and destinations that Chile can offer, so I feel like there are an endless number of stories to cover, and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to write about some of them.



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