In Chile: Climate Change Wine Tour of Ancient Vineyards – Tailor Made Wine Explorations

0 announced the «Climate Change Wine Tour of Ancient Vineyards” as part of a local strategy to rescue the DNA of several vinestocks found in over 4.900 kilometers in the chilean territory brought by immigrants (French, Spanish, Argentineans and Religous Congregations) in different periods of the history of Chile since 1551.

This tour is a tailor made wine explorations for national and foreign wine lovers that want to know more about old vineyards and amazing local wines that are not being exported.

During the visit to Santiago and specific terroirs selected to visit, visitors will taste and enjoy wines made by independent winemakers and small and medium size wineries.

The visitors can choose from a great variety of wine terroirs located near or far away from Santiago from 1 up to 10 days wine exploration.

Each wine valley and terroir have a different wine with local grapes with unique winemaking techniques and traditions.

150+ year old Pintatani Wine from the Arica Parinacota Region
150+ year old vines in Toconao in the Atacama Desert
140+ year old Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from San Rosendo, Bio Bio Valley
150+ year old Cabernet Sauvignon and Pais in Cauquenes Valley
150+ year old Pais and Moscatel from Coelemu, Portezuelo, Guarilihue in the Itata Valley
150+ year old Torrontés Vines in Marga Marga Valley in the Valparaiso Region
70+ year old of Bonarda in Patagonia

About the tour Guide:

Maximiliano Morales is agricultural engineer and the founder of, the leading wine site of South America, guest writer of Jancis Robinson MW, and several Latin American wine & economic Publications. He has worked as the wine specialist of National Geographic Explorer Expedition Ship during 11 years and the last two months, Silver Cloud Expedition Ship. He is the former Chilean Government Strategic Wine Consultant for CORFO, also, former Manager of the Nodo Estrategico Chile Vitivinícola 2.0, responsible for creating the Wine Road Map of Chilean Wines in alliance with CORFO and Wines of Chile.

For tour reservations contact or call +569 4268 0536

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