Financial education game app ALFI consolidates among young people and announces Latin American expansion


The game app of financial literacy ALFI, which is part of generation 21 of Start-Up Chile announced a user traction plan thanks to agreements with schools, institutes and universities. In addition to this, they are structuring their second investment round to expand operations to Mexico and Colombia. All of that will be done with the objective of raising financial literacy in Latin America among users between 13 and 27 years old.

The high levels of financial illiteracy that exist in Latin America, which reaches 70%, in Chile 60% and in Peru 80%, generates gaps in the population due to the high indebtedness rates as a consequence of the ignorance of how the financial system operates.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), affiliated nations and their financial institutions must set goals to solve this type of problems, that is why, three years ago, Victor Morales, Felix Andrade and Luis Guerrero created ALFI, a financial education game app that has more than 10.000 users in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico, whose target is young people from the age of 13, and especially in the range from 18 to 27 years old.

In a gamified environment, the user is encouraged to learn basic notions of finance such as profitability, inflation, risk and interest rate, personalizing according to the changes in their preferences, their level of learning and with continuous updates about news, giving them a unique experience.

According to Victor Morales, CEO of ALFI: “Our main objective is to increase financial literacy in Latin America, helping users make decisions regarding personal finances, future investments, use of credit cards, and even the election and monitoring of the pension fund in addition to implementing user traction strategies for financial companies such as Goonder and Avatrade.”

User packages will be managed in direct agreements with schools, institutes and universities, so they can download the application through Play Store or in and in this way learn in a playful and entertaining game.

This week the Company began the structuring process of the second round of investment to raise USD 150.000, which will allow them to expand operations in Mexico and Colombia, and the end of 2019 in United States.

How does application work?

To start, the new user answers a few simple questions, with the answers, the game gives options for equity investments, bonds and financing in a personalized experience based on their consumer profile and their preferences, in this way the user becomes familiar with a previously unknown Word.

The operation is simple, users are making decisions based on some variables, and the game is adding points according to these simulations, in addition to competing with other people.

In addition to the ALFI app, users can access all the financial education benefits on the website or through social networks.




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