Lost coffee plants found in Eastern Island (Rapa Nui) in the scope of investors to save and start a Coffee Pilot Plantation


Climate Change is affecting the coffee belt production areas, through the increase of temperatures, plagues and diseases, generating great concern in the buyers markets and especially, those who depend on their coffee economy.

One fact, coffee plants arrived to Rapa Nui-Easter Island between 1800 and 1860. Since then, coffee plants have been abandoned and in a state of high fragility. A local family from Rapa Nui and the agricultural engineer, Maximiliano Morales started a pilot project to start the first plantation thanks from endemic beans obtained in the island.

“For that matter, AgroWine Lab, a Chilean based business accelerator is in charge to raise USD 500.000 dollars for the field work, establish management protocols of the genetic material and start this endeavour to first protect this original DNA not identified yet and maintain this for the Rapa Nui inhabitants that have great opportunities to supply coffee for the local hotels, restaurants and visitors.” says Maximiliano Morales, Coffee Strategist of AgroWine Lab and founder of www.andeswines.com

There are several reasons to start this project, first is to identify which variety Rapa Nui has, and maybe we have one or more. Then, need to research to clean and propagate the DNA material for a pilot plantation and start a biotech initiative to study all the aspects of this discovery, states Sergio Bustos Cabrera, founder of AgroWine Lab.

AgroWine Lab’s team is working on initiatives in new unexplored areas until today – is emphatic in pointing out that their focus is not just start this project in Rapa Nui, in fact they have identified another island in pacific that have endemic coffee DNA.

Another short therm initiative lead by Maximiliano Morales, is to start a pilot project in the continent in Chile, in one specific place they want to evaluate for coffee adaptation.

How Coffee Trading and Investors from Texas are connected

In his last visit to San Marcos and Austin, Texas last year, Maximiliano Morales had a specific goal. He wanted to learn more about the coffee trade business and visited several companies and saw a great interest to start a pilot project in Chile and decided to start connecting with them to look for support.

He signed an alliance with Carina Boston Pinales, co-founder of the co-working space ‘SplashCoworking’ to start a fundraising strategy for Chilean projects that are looking for investors and coffee is on the first line, among others like FinTech, agri-wine initiatives, and streaming/audiovisual/television industries.

Maximiliano has worked as Coffee Strategist and Coffee Event Organizer in Chile the last couple of years- Ruta del Café de Andes Wines, Wine After Coffee sponsored by Juan Valdez Coffee Brand, Feria del Café and Te with over 20 coffee brands- and is working to start a project of establish the first coffee plantation in the north of Chile.

The focus with Carina Boston Pinales is to leverage investment from a US angel investor that could be interested in being part of this endevour in Chile.


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