Business & Acceleration strategies for AgTech-FoodTech startups to be delivered


In order to professionalize the commercial validation process and the subsequent search for clients and start the sales of startups and incubated companies related to Agriculture, Food & Beverages, the founder of, Agricultural Engineer and actual startup advisor, Maximiliano Morales made official the «Business & Acceleration Plan for AgTech-BioTech-FoodTech Startups”, which aims to guide entrepreneurs to generate direct links with its customers to sell their products and services through a methodology that has been developed after being tested in recent years.

The Chilean innovation ecosystem has generated a great startup creation platform that in a large percentage of them is the first step to create an innovative company that offers services and products to society.

Thanks to the financing of estate entities such as CORFO and StartUp Chile, plus other private VC or Angel Investors like Manutara Ventures, Founder List, Endurance Investments, Ganesha Lab and NXTLabs that just opened operations in Santiago, Chile, entrepreneurs are pivoting ideas, improving the business model and generating a work team with collaborators and strategic partners that has been very effective.

In the case of crowdfunding platforms both in Chile and abroad, there are hundreds of ideas and projects related to AgTech that are literally stopped because they did not manage to gather the minimum financing to start operating or to leverage their business idea, and there is great potential of growth if it were invested in analyzing the state of progress of the projects of the portfolio of these entities.

In Chile, incubators, technology transfer centers and innovation centers of Universities and Institutes have in their portfolio startups and ideas of projects / companies detained without invoicing for shortcomings in the accompaniment and financing system that is not supporting in the last period, which is the generation of sales strategies to get out of an eternal process of commercial validation that seems never to end.

According to Maximiliano Morales, startups advisors since 2015 the Business & Acceleration Plan service aims to strengthen the period of commercial validation in a first stage to then focus on the process of searching for new clients that ensure the sustainability of the service that -in most cases: water, agriculture, energy- will pivot from the original idea. All of the above is supported by a communication strategy, in addition to Investment Matching to look for future investors.»

After two years, Maximiliano Morales started an alliance with Founder of Splash Coworking in San Marcos, Texas to launch the «Global Cowork Circle», which is an international network that will unite coworks, entrepreneurs, clients and investors from all over the world to create greater business opportunities.

WineTech & BioTech Project in San Rosendo, Chile

These facts motivated Maximiliano Morales to work with a local family of San Rosendo in alliance to start a leverage investment strategy to look for an angel investor to create a nursery to clean, propagate and produce via in vitro biotech project the «Clon San Rosendo» of old vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Malbec that were found in the area.

These vinestocks will be replanted in the historical San Rosendo area to improve life quality of locals to help them become grape producers, considering the winemakers are paying over 1.2 USD dollars per kilo of these varieties.

Like Maximiliano Morales says, “Chile represents a «Genetic Island of Ancient Vineyards in 4.900 kilometers» and yet small porcentaje of vines has been indentified and is a life time initiative that has last 18 years so far to research and help local communities to save those vines and help them to produce wines from centennial vines.”

Maximiliano Morales has worked as a wine specialist of National Geographic Explorer Expedition Ship and is the former Chilean Government Strategic Wine Consultant for CORFO.  He is the former Manager of the Nodo Estratégico Chile Vitivinícola 2.0, responsible for creating the Wine Road Map of Chilean Wines in alliance with CORFO and Wines of Chile.

Bloomberg about Andes Wines work:


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