Book The New Vignerons by Luis Gutierrez


Luis Gutierrez is reviewer in Spain, Argentina, Chile and the Jura for Robert Parker Wine Advocate, the number one wine publication in the United States, and maybe the one with the most influence in the wine business. It is read by wine importers, distributors and costumers.

With this career path, it will be pleasant to see the independence and originality in the recent book The New Vignerons.

From some place in the world, Luis took the time to answer us the following questions, which we hope will generate interest in buying this publication that is full of digital editions.

When did your interest in writing The New Vignerons emerge? Who inspired you to portray what’s happening in Spain?

Truth is that this was idea of the editor of the book and the collection of Planeta Gastro, Jon Sarabia. After that, Jon, Estanis Nuñez, the photographer and I refined this idea. The inspiration is revolution, or rather the involution that is happening in Spain; the return to the past, the traditions, the native varieties and the revival of historical areas that were forgotten or vilified by this generation. I chose one of each of the main winegrowing areas to try to cover most of the geography of Spain. We also asked them to cook their traditional food so that the world could know what percebe, kokotxas, gazpacho, paella, pescaito frito or papas arrugás are, because, for me, wine is an essential part of gastronomy.

How would you define the book to motivate potential readers?

It is a book of stories, of people, landscapes and gastronomy, where we try to provide context to what is in the bottle. It shows the profile of 14 winegrowers of Spain, they describe their life from a human side, not a technical one. In the book there aren’t tannins, or tasting notes, or ratings. I wanted it to be an accessible and pleasant book, a book that could transport people to areas as fascinating as Ribeira Sacra, Tenerife, Jerez or Priorat.

Did something remain open in the book that you think is important? Will you address it later in another book?

Certainly! The wine world is almost infinite. There were many more candidates, but the book is finite and I had to make a choice. We could write another one, even in the same format for Jura, Chile… or Argentina! The problem of modern life is time. Currently, it is important to have the edition in English for the rest of the world by Christmas.

Where can we find the book? Is there interest in editing for South America?

It is published and distributed by Planeta, so it is available in all physical and online libraries of Spain. Planeta has a good network of editorials in South America, so if there were interest they could publish in many countries, but wine is a niche market in terms of books.

Which book inspired you to write your book?

I talked to you about inspiration in the first question; but it was also an excuse to travel with my friend Estanis Nuñez, the photographer, because I mostly travel alone. We shared adventures, enjoyed and learned a lot.


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