Andes Wines relaunches CSR projects area and shared value for mining, forestry and energy


With the objective of meeting the requirements of mining projects currently in exploration and exploitation of Copper, Gold, Silver, Iron, Manganese, Lithium, among others; Tailings processing plants, in addition to forestry and industrial operations, thermoelectric plants and reservoirs for electricity generation, Andes Wines reopened the area of ​​implementation of shared value initiatives and R.S.E. in partnership with the AgroWine Lab business accelerator.

This high specialization was achieved after the agronomist Maximiliano Morales, between 2003 and 2008, worked as a consultant in different territories such as Salamanca – in the vicinity of Minera Pelambres – to implement the Tourist Route of the Choapa Valley where the «Chacolí» wine theme was integrated with fishing, trekking with archeology, whose objective was to strengthen tourism in the area, a situation that has been delayed in recent years.

They also implemented a CSR project in the Itata Valley for Celulosa Arauco, which aimed to publish the book «Viñas del Itata, a history of five centuries», in addition to the design of the corporate wine label that was produced with the grape belonging to the company, which after several years gave birth to the current Viña Cucha Cucha which is basically the wine arm of the Arauco Group that was suggested as part of the consultancy conducted by Maximiliano Morales in 2007.

Another project carried out by the founder of Andes Wines was the commercial evaluation and projection of the Toconao Wine that finally gave life to Ayllu, which is tremendously successful in its conception, and which is now going through a consolidation phase in the Atacama Desert in the Toconao sector.

In the case of forestry and after the fires that occurred last year, a great challenge is being presented that must be addressed, and it is the environmental and ecosystem recovery of the territories devastated by the fire, a focus that the Founder of Andes Wines is planning after a visit to the area affected by the Sonoma and Napa fires in California.

According to Sergio Bustos Cabrera, General Manager of AgroWine Lab: «This new scenario generates the need for companies to incorporate in their work team a specialist consultant to integrate the CSR policies articulated with the progress of the project.»


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