Tumuñan Lodge: a unique experience at the foothills of the Andes, in San Fernando


We waited over a year to coordinate a visit to Tumuñan Lodge, a perfect place to rest and escape from the city.

Located at the foothills of the Andes mountain range in San Fernando­­—an area known as «Colchagua Andes»—there is a unique retreat the mixes the pleasure of resting away from everything with the production of grapes, giving life to an interesting wine in the proximities of the Lodge.

The retreat is amazing due to the exuberant native forest that surrounds it. This, mixed with personalized attention to clients by its owner, Will Evelyn, allows for a complete disconnection of the worldly noise.

The lodge has six bedrooms, all of them endowed with comfortable beds which are provided with high-quality sheets, ensuring a full rest. The rooms also provide with Egyptian cotton robes, towels and toiletries. The lodge is also equipped with a living room and a stone fireplace: an excellent place to relax and converse with others. There is also a large dining room and a bar that offers a large variety of wines and beverages.

The lodge is not just interesting for individuals and couples, but also for families, because it offers a wide range of tours that can last for half a day, a whole day, or even three days. Among the activities you can do while touring, there are horse rides through the Valley, hiking through the mountains and the possibility to visit waterfalls. There is a large variety of trekking trails that allow for a panoramic view of the mountain.

The service provided by the boutique hotel includes free Wifi for all common areas, parking and a grill that in many occasions is used by Will to cook for the guests. Breakfast is abundant, with a large choice of cereals, bread, cheese, ham, yogurts, honey and fresh fruits. Visitors can ask for eggs with bacon, as well as natural juice. For lunch and dinner, there is an assortment of well-balanced traditional Chilean and gourmet dishes.


Wine is a special theme in the Lodge, offering a complete walking experience through our onsite vineyard, only a few feet away from the lodge. After the visit is done, a tasting of the Cabernet Sauvignon from the vineyard takes place at dinners and lunches during the sojourn at the lodge.

Although the sector where the vineyard was built is very cold, Pedro Parra, the specialist in Terroir, carried out a soil study. The study determined that the soil met the perfect conditions to establish a Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard, due to the presence of a mixture of round quarry stones, sand and gravel (similar to the ones in Valle del Maipo), which has been the distinctive characteristic of the Tumuñan Lodge Wine.

The Tumuñan Lodge’s vineyard is 2.9 acre large, and there are 7.000 vines, planted over six years ago. The lodge counts with a poor colluvial soil, with residues from the Andes mountain range that date for thousands of years, and is located 2,362 feet above sea level, making it very windy and chilly.

The area has a great thermal amplitude that ranges from 4-5°C to 29°C (39° to 84°F) in the middle of summer, which helps maintaining the unique scents and characteristics for the Cabernet Sauvignon, similar ones to Calistoga, in the Napa Valley.

During the vineyard adaptation process to the pre-mountain range, Will has had to face the attack of rabbits and birds: common situations in new productive sectors where the business of grape production is starting.

Currently, the vineyard is starting a biodynamic production process, which makes certain management tasks necessary, like harvesting in specific dates based on the biodynamic calendar.

It is worth stressing that the vineyard was irrigated for the first four years, generating afterwards the irrigation’s cut in a graduated way, forcing vines to seek their own water. The purpose of this is to turn the vineyard into a Dry Farming vineyard at a later time, thus helping the vineyard to naturally balance itself, making it explore the soil at its fullest to deliver a unique mountain wine.

Starting from the next vintage, the Cabernet Sauvignon will be vinified by the renowned enologist, Cristobal Undurraga, from Viña Koyle, winery that is located a few miles away.



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