Texas: Blumenthal Farms: Wine Investment for Building a Winery in Hill Country


The spring-fed Pedernales River makes its way through 105 miles of Texas Hill Country, and along the way passes by Blumenthal Farms — a plus-or-minus seven-acre property just six miles east of Fredericksburg on Highway 290. The hill country has established itself as second-to-none when it comes to wine investment properties. The immediately surrounding area adjacent to Blumenthal Farms hosts new and established wine labels from across the region. This area is prime for investment, and Blumenthal Farms is perfectly situated in a highly coveted location.

The plus-or-minus seven-acre property has three large original buildings dating to the early 1900s, including a farm house which overlooks the flowing Pedernales River. Two other buildings front on Highway 290, and have been used for various commercial purposes over the years. There is also an original steam engine on the property that at one time powered a cotton gin.

The state of Texas and this area of the hill country is gaining a reputation for world-class wines and high-quality grapes, as well as widely renowned breweries, and numerous tourist destinations. Along this stretch of Highway 290, there are over 70 wineries and tasting rooms, and the number of visitors frequenting these establishments continues to grow. To learn more about this enticing investment opportunity along the Pedernales River and Highway 290, contact Nicholas Gombos, real estate broker, at (830) 456-4744.

VIDEO: Wine Investment Opportunity in Texas Hill Country – Gombos Blumenthal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0osr54FCuZU&feature=youtu.be



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