Irma aftermaths in Florida – XXI Tradeshow – Show must go on – All Cuvelier Team and Wines in support!


Even though XXI Wines & Spirits was not directly hit by Hurricane Irma, even though it has been able to preserve its inventory in good temperature conditions thanks to generators despite the energy loss, the situation now is catastrophic, its customers, retails and restaurants, are not re-open yet. Half of the state is still out of power, roads are closed so delivery cannot happen and distributors are technically out of business this week with their staffs busy taking care of their families and houses.

“September is always a slow month but this one will be worse! More than ever we will be ready for the season” starting in December and “for now our schedule is maintained and our Trade-Show in early Oct » though according to Florent Blanchet, owner of XXI Wines and Spirits, « Florida is up to big clean-up and will take time to all of us to go back to normal»

Please RSVP to your local representative 786-502-8200



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