Initiating fundraising strategies for technological and rescue projects in the agribusiness and horticulture industries


For over five years a group of local entrepreneurs has had in mind the idea of professionalizing fundraising from overseas philanthropists in order to attract investment for projects in Chile, with the goal of organizing fundraising events in Chile as well as in the United States.

Last year in December, a group of professionals with vast experience in the mining, wine and luxury cruiser industries under the leadership of Sergio Bustos Cabrera connected around a project rescuing old vineyards with Maximiliano Morales, who is an agricultural engineer and expert in horticulture specialized in wine marketing and the implementation of research and development initiatives.

With the converging of the aforementioned group of associates and internationally renowned strategical partners specialized in different areas, the business accelerator AgroWine Lab started a new strategy to present diverse initiatives to overseas as well as local investors and philanthropists by organising ‘investment matchmaking’ events as well as ‘investment field trips’ such as the one completed in San Francisco, California around FinTech Company, last October.

This first incursion in California established a network of contacts with tech-investors that have a keen interest in supporting flora and fauna conservation projects in Patagonia, as well as innovation in the agribusiness and horticulture sectors in order to rescue crops that are either in the process of extinction or grow these again in the central and northern areas of Chile – without leaving aside the rescue of forgotten grape varieties that had been lost throughout Chile.

AgroWine Lab has already started to contact legal studies with overseas connections that have interests within Chile in diverse areas such as energy, petroleum, renewable energies, forestry and risk capitals in order to organize confidential meetings, and present a portfolio of ventures that the business accelerator is already working with.

In order to nail down the challenge of raising capital from the United States, Maximiliano Morales, alumni of the AFS in San Marcos, Texas (1991-92), has generated an alliance with Carina Boston Pinales, co-founder of the co-working space ‘SplashCoworking’, and who will be soon launching a cycle of formal presentations around Chilean enterprises in the fields of innovation for the agribusiness, horticulture, real estate as well as strategical projects around FinTech and streaming/audiovisual/television industries.

Attracting investment for real estate and horticultural projects

During the structuring of this process, a second an unexpected angle came about which is the development of strategies to attract investments towards Chile from Asia, given that some hotel groups such as the Mandarin Group from China have bought all the actives of the ex-Hyatt hotels, preparing for business visitors and tourists from Asia.

Its worth mentioning that one of the initiatives that AgroWine Lab will be launching is the first ‘Wine Country’ in Chile, a real estate project dedicated to lifestyle blocks proposed as a combination of a house with a vineyard. There is already an interested investor, which is why AgroWine Lab has already started to put together a group of professionals in the areas of winemaking, architecture and a construction firm to cater for the requirements of these lifestyle blocks.

Finally, in the Elqui Valley, an entrepreneur has contracted the services of AgroWine Lab to piece together the first sustainable condo themed around the astroturism and star observation. This is a block situated around the Mamalluca Observatory which will be split into lots and prepared for a master plan in order to build a group of houses that will respect the environment, and particularly, can give their owners the opportunity to enjoy the clear skies of the Elqui Valley.







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