Global Cowork Circle will generate international networking


After 16 years generating a business platform around entrepreneurship and wine innovation, in partnership with AgroWine Lab, a business accelerator was launched the «Global Cowork Circle«, which is an international network that will unite coworkers from all over the world to create greater business opportunities.

A few months ago, a call was launched for Chilean coworkers to join this network based on a cooperative alliance that aims to generate international networks for the beneficiaries of Chilean coworks.

The first associate of the Global Cowork Circle is of San Marcos Texas, which is led by Carina Boston Pinales, and whose main objective will be to provide benefits of consulting services, access to application for co-financing funds and alliances to its users in Texas on the one hand, and to the Chileans and expats living in Chile, greater doors to access international markets that are part of this global network.

In the case of AgroWine Lab and Andes Wines, they initiated steps to advise entrepreneurs in Texas in the agricultural and wine sector after its founder visited San Marcos and Austin last October 2017.

This need for an international connection arises after the requirements of various companies in the agro-industrial sector to solve productive technological gaps and the commercialization of their products, all based on the influence that is generating phenomena around Climate Change and the problems represented by changes in marketing of services and products.

According to Maximiliano Morales, Strategist at AgroWine Lab: «When we collaborated as In House mentors of StartUp Chile we realized while traveling through San Marcos, Austin, Napa and Sonoma Valley that there were several “Alumni» and former participants of state programs from different countries who were looking to generate more business through local networks specialized in the agricultural, wine, FinTech and Technological areas. »

«Through the Global CoWork Circle we want to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who see great weakness in both state and private acceleration programs in the last stage of accompaniment, which is the management of new businesses, business search in Chile and to export and improve their options to become a global company. Thanks to this network of international consultants, we intend to shorten that gap and create opportunities for scaling up to find strategic partners, financing or clients.” Says Sergio Bustos Cabrera, Founder of AgroWine Lab.



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