About us


ANDES WINES is the first wine and tourism web site in Italian, Portuguese, English and Spanish in South America, which began in Chile in November 2001, and continuing later on in Argentina, whose representative is Gabriela Luna.

We are a Wine Strategic Marketing enterprise which is establishing a business platform in more that 24 countries through our own network of information about the wine industry, tourism, business and investment in: Germany, the USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Greece, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Korea, Japan Singapore and Thailand.

We keep abreast of news monthly, through innovations, articles and interviews published in our International Newsletter, which reaches more than 95,000 subscribers from our line of wines, tourism, undertakings and business. Also, wine entrepreneurs, marketing managers, oenologists, wine merchants, importers, retailers, consumers and, national and international entrepreneurs.

We keep in touch with more than 5,500 wineries from fifteen countries, more than 1,500 importers, distributors, retailers and wine gatekeepers who are kept informed of our projects related to the wine industry.

Our wine events organization for enterprises or wineries from different varieties, – under the heading Salón del Vino en Chile and Catas de Vino del Círculo del Vino, (Wine Salon in Chile and Wine Tasting of the Wine Circle) – promotes and develops leisure activities for the institutions which may show an interest in diversifying their options of entertainment and comradeship, either with clients or employees.

We stay in contact with more than 650 communication media and with more than 700 wine expert journalists, wine writers and wine instructors in fifteen countries who receive regular information, tendency reports and the latest news form the countries covered.


We implement Wine Marketing Consultancy in firms which would like to include initiatives where wine may play an important part and also Search and Wine Opening for emergent or consolidated wineries. (Importers and distributors)

From 2005, we have developed R.S.E. Projects (Managerial Social Responsibility) for institutions and firms in various cities under the notion “Projects of Wine Tourism” in rural areas, design of corporate labels and initiatives introduced in communities where the wine is an essential part.

We have a list of Wine Jobs Vacancies – Wine Job Search System (Service for Vineyards and Oenologist) at an international level.

We organize and coordinate Press Trips to Chile and Argentina, Investors and Consultant Oenologists.