started to look for investors to open the FinTech & Blockchain division regional expansion


After 17 years of generating an international business platform around wine, beer, spirits, tourism and gourmet products, the wine marketing site began the process of capital search to open the FinTech & Blockchain division to develop e-commerce and revenue management for wineries, in addition to opening a wine store for direct sales and distribution.

The company responsible for leading this challenge is the business accelerator AgroWine Lab, which began the call directly with venture capital and international angel investors due to the interest of several investment groups in entering the Latin American wine and spirits market, and in particular, to the commercialization through e-commerce, which has been the strength of the founder of for external clients that he has managed in recent years.

With the arrival of global wine groups like Sogrape (Chateau Loa Boldos), Kendall Jackson (Calina), Antinori (formerly Haras de Pirque), Coldorcia from Tuscany owned by Count Francesco Marone Cinzano (Erasmo in Maule Valley), Lurton (Hacienda Araucano) in the Colchagua Valley, VIK Vineyards, among others, revenue management became more important due to high concentration of the wine industry.

Thanks to the knowledge in wine logistics of the General Director of AgroWine Lab, Sergio Bustos Cabrera, Blockchain technology will also be part of the challenge of the´s endeavour.

Right after Walmart acquired Mexico & Chile-focused grocery delivery service Cornershop for $225M, the delivery startups like Rappi and Glovo confirmed that they were covering a big number of wine, beer and spirit orders in Santiago due to customers requests. In fact, the new startup lead by will begin with a more effective business model due to the knowledge of the wine industry, providing for the needs of wineries and customers.

The objective is to open a wine store in Santiago as the national distribution center as well as opening a wine store and wine bar to the public to meet the orders of customers throughout Chile, thanks to the over 45.000 clients from 5 of the main cities throughout the country.

The new business will create an online wine e-commerce platform to sell directly to costumers, in addition to defining the markets to which it intends to enter Latin America, as the second stage of investment.», says Sergio Bustos Cabrera, General Director of AgroWine Lab.

The founder of, the agricultural engineer, Maximiliano Morales in 2011 participated in the «Silicon Valley Immersion Program» of the University of San Francisco, beginning a process of specialization and creation of the area of strategic projects, which led him to work for CORFO, the Chilean government’s innovation agency, where he was the Manager of a Wine Program called Nodo Estratégico Chile Vitivinícola, prior being a strategic wine advisor.


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