A search service is being relaunched for Enologists and Wine Tourism Professionals – Wine Head Hunter


The wine-making agribusiness accelerator AgroWine Lab and www.andeswines.com have joined to relaunch the «Wine Head Hunter» service to search for enologists and wine tourism professionals for wineries through a «Wine Scouting» process that seeks specifically for a profile requested by a winery and/or importer that hires the service.

It is a unique service that can be hired either by the winery or the enologist/professional or technician who is looking for a job.

In the case of the «Traveling Winemakers», every year they must start a job search process in another country and it is an exhausting challenge because they do not have enough and solid contacts to do so.

In this respect, after 17 years of operation, Andes Wines manages a database of more than 500 enologists, agronomists and commercial/civil engineers who are registered to receive job offers according to a profile they have specified.

In recent years, Andes Wines has placed enologists, commercial engineers and technicians in jobs at prestigious seasonal harvests in Canada, California, Greece, Argentina and Chile besides offering the «Wine Head Hunter” service that is hired by wineries looking for a specific profile which is often difficult to find because professionals are traveling around the world, but would return if there was a stable job opportunity.

The most important aspect of this initiative was to detect that foreign companies have a huge interest for having Chilean and Argentinian winemakers on their ranks due to their experience within the international wine market since most of them have constantly worked in grape harvests off-season in other countries such as New Zealand, Australia, France or Italy, and when returning to their home country, they are totally disconnected from the established system they were before.

To optimize the search for job opportunities, professionals on the other hand, can access the «Wine Job Search» service and look for a particular job in any country from the network mainly the United States, Spain, Canada, Uruguay, England, Argentina, Chile, Italy and France. This service has a management cost, which includes sending the resume and following up to schedule interviews with the wineries interested in the profile.





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